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The Role of Domestic and Household Staff has undergone remarkable development. What was once considered a luxury and status symbol is now accessible to a broader population. The middle class requires assistance with busy schedules, travel organization, and household services. The progressive emancipation and increasing professional qualifications of women have led to their pursuit of their own careers while also requiring childcare and pet care. In many cases, both parents may work in different cities, increasing the need for outsourced tasks such as shopping, cooking, and house cleaning. Additionally, there may be a need to care for elderly family members requiring assistance in their old age or occasional social gatherings in one’s own premises. Furthermore, the maintenance of the garden, vehicles, and constant upkeep of the house—both technically and electronically—must be ensured for the owners to fully enjoy their scarce free time.

Embracing Financial Freedom

As the number of young and affluent individuals worldwide continues to grow, the demand for discreet “good spirits” who discreetly operate in private and personal environments to make life easier has also shifted. At the next level of prosperity and wealth, individuals may own multiple residences in different locations, an impressive fleet of luxury cars, perhaps a yacht and an airplane. This social stratum is constantly on the move, both professionally and privately, with social obligations, political positions, connections, and memberships in clubs. They engage in humanitarian projects and may even have their own charitable foundation. In such cases, it is almost essential to have staff who manage their private lives—people who ensure that everything runs smoothly, appointments are kept, and unforeseen situations are handled with skill and quick improvisation. This allows the employer to lead an undisturbed and carefree life and, most importantly, have enough free time to focus on personally important matters. Often, the focus is on philanthropic efforts and engagement, but activities such as sailing regattas, deep-sea diving expeditions, space travel, or wine production are also among the hobbies of the upper class.

In such households, it is not uncommon to have at least one housekeeper, a butler (or nowadays more of an all-rounder), a chauffeur, multiple security personnel, a chef or even a couple serving as housekeepers, a nanny or private tutor, a gardener, a house or estate manager, and often specialized staff for the yacht and private plane. All these positions must be coordinated by at least one personal assistant.

The requirements for staff vary depending on whether they are serving the nobility, aristocracy, high-ranking politicians and business representatives, start-up millionaires, royal families, or billionaire heirs. Stars and celebrities from the music, football, TV, or Hollywood industry have entirely different needs that must be met.

But how does one find the right employees who gain insight into private lives, experience the inner workings, and yet remain discreet and loyal? Employees who cannot be bribed by journalists for money and do not disclose sensitive and personal information about their employers. Employees who work independently, have a wide range of experience, and are willing to offer their services and skills flexibly. Employees who can ensure unlimited trust and absolute confidentiality. Naturally, the staff also leads their own lives.

The art of service and absolute discretion requires first-class references and must be practiced with care.
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