The function of a recruiter? Connecting positions that belong together: The most successful companies and the best employees. Sounds easy, but in fact, it requires a lot of work, know-how and long-standing experience. Christian Schweinzer Consulting collects all data on a digital basis, always considering a confidential handling, but in terms of working with people computer programs are kind of useless. In this case, it’s all about trust and personal relationships – and this fact is the most substantial tool for success of Christian Schweinzer Consulting.

Christian Schweinzer Consulting uses the most complex but also most successful tool regarding the employee search: Building up a personal and trustful contact to the most successful companies worldwide as well as to several thousand employees in the top segment.

Christian Schweinzer: “Only people who understand the essence of a company know which employees fit perfectly and aim to keep their job over a longer period. This principle also counts for all applicants who are cooperating with us by using our network. Although there are several thousand of them, it’s still important to us keeping up the personal level. That’s how it was possible for us to build up this high level of trust through the years from which both companies and applicants can benefit.

As a certificated profiler, Christian Schweinzer Consulting also uses the tools of analysis and alignment of job- respectively candidate-profiles. “Not until we have clearly determined the aims of a company, we choose the instruments that lead to success. The main issue though, still remains our long-standing expertise in this sector and of course our partners’ trust in our work. This is the only way to guarantee success – for both, the companies as well as for the applicants”.