From the Maldives to Singapore, from South Africa to the Cayman Islands: Gaining experience abroad is always a springboard for careers. “And most of all an essential experience in terms of one’s personal growth”, points out Christian Schweinzer. “When aiming to pursuing a career in this field, I definitely recommend at least one stop abroad as well as acquiring experience on board. This will help building up more self-confidence”.

Christian Schweinzer Consulting is one of the most renowned and biggest provider of jobs abroad in the sectors of catering, the hotel industry and the cruising industry on an international level. The worldwide network of CS Consulting is very extended and enjoys full confidence for which reason job interviews are in most cases not required.

But how is it possible to grab one’s desired job or a job in the cruising industry? Christian Schweinzer: “Through our long lasting know-how in this sector we know exactly, which countries offer certain jobs. In many cases we even have the opportunity to offer various positions in different countries”.

The advantage: When cooperating with Christian Schweinzer Consulting clients need just one single application which is going to be sent to potential employers. CS Consulting has all information regarding payment, accommodation options or benefits at his disposal, so the applicants may choose the company that fits them best.

Due to long-standing know-how concerning this sector, Christian Schweinzer has built up an international network of top companies that place their trust in him. As a result, in most cases job interviews are not even required.

The most important hints when working abroad or on board: “When starting a job abroad or on board it is absolutely important to be open-minded and to bring enough patience. Every country has different customs but that’s no reason to bury one’s head in the sand in case of something unexpected happens. Both, gaining experience abroad and gaining experience on board are significant for building up a strong self-confidence”.

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