Who doesn’t dream of a meteoric rise? Of working in senior positions and increasing salaries? Christian Schweinzer Consulting makes your dreams come true in a very simple way:

We create for each client an individual career plan. After 4 to 6 levels within 3 years we guarantee a middle management position.

What basically counts when intending to focus on a career in the sectors of catering, hotel- or cruising industry is to start at a young age. Christian Schweinzer: “We lead our applicants within three years at least to a middle management position”. This process is built up step by step: First of all it’s important to find out the personal goals that are aimed to achieve. As this task tends to be quite complex sometimes, CS Consulting supports his applicants by offering an intensive consulting as well as longstanding expertise.

Taking the chance of a career-coaching offers a plenty of advantages: Success is guaranteed, national or international stops plus stops on a cruise are planned and it is not even required to apply for a job. Christian Schweinzer: “We care for everything and if the applicant follows our guidelines, at the end he is going to find himself in his individual desired position”.

But what if someone has no idea of his actual career plans? Christian Schweinzer: “No problem. We determine the individual preferences through one-to-one talks. Anyways – when cooperating with our company, the first step towards a successful career is done”.

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